Should we care about 'National Records'?

The Malaysia Book of Records (MBR) holds within its pages extraordinary feats by ordinary individuals. It embodies the indomitable human spirit and the quest for excellence. In the past 25 years, more than 7,000 names had found their entries into the record book, and almost every day, new entries are being recognized by the Malaysia Book of Records - ranging from human triumphs and sports to arts, music, entertainment, food and businesses. They were incredible, inspiring and challenging achievements.

However, why should others care about our national records? The question must be pop-up in your mind every time you saw the Malaysia Book of Recordsí name in the national news. People always think that record-breaking is easy. However, there were a lot of hard work, determination, strong-will needed to set a national record.

As the only national record keeper, Malaysia Book of Records was built to record and recognize human feats and achievement, as well as to support and encourage more human feats and achievement for worldwide recognition.    The Malaysia Book of Records is consistently trying to inspire Malaysians to do real things. We serve as a source of inspiration for others to try and earn honor and pride for the country. We also believed that by putting these feats down in the record book would help in inspire others to go out and achieve something of their own. 

Furthermore, the Malaysia Book of Records also serves as the most powerful medium in providing the acknowledgement and recognition to all Malaysians, who in one way or another, had taken the extra miles to make our country proud. We believed that these achievements are gifts to celebrate our nation. Our Malaysians have put in great work to make our nation proud. The Malaysia Book of Records also believe that we provides interesting information and     to enrich general knowledge of the public and tourists on Malaysianís achievements.

We also believed that the Malaysia Book of Records works as a catalyst to instil the spirit of excellence among Malaysians. We believed that this is one of the ways for us to encourage Malaysians to rise together as a strong nation.     The awareness that was created by the Malaysia Book of Records can help us understand better about each otherís abilities and strengths. 

It was the ďMalaysia BolehĒ chant, a concept that steered Malaysians towards excellence. And Malaysia Book of Records was there to acknowledge the nationís success. We believed featuring the feats and achievements accomplished by Malaysians in our national record book should see the light of day, as these achievers could share their records with not only their families and friends but also the nation and the world.

Written by: 

Nurul Fatihah Mahmood