My Thoughts: Jwan Heah on The Malaysia Book Of Records

I have heard of The Malaysia Book Of Records (MBR) before joining the organisation just shy over one year ago. Like me, I�m pretty certain many Malaysians have either seen the logo somewhere, read about MBR or been a part of a national record-setting attempt sometime in their lives. 


Going to be honest here and admit that prior to getting involved with the organisation, I really didn�t think much of it.  I guess to me back then, it was just the localised version of Guiness Book Of Records. Then MBR came under new ownership and management realised that the brand needed to be revitalised to better serve both nation-building and corporate/personal branding. In came a small team of 3 (myself included) to bolster the existing team, bringing with us years of entrepreneurship, marketing and events experience.  


We got off to a start by spending a lot of time getting involved with record-breaking attempts, from inquiries to processing and research all the way to being a part of the record-breaking attempts itself. Back in the office, we spent time observing and talking to the existing team in MBR, some of whom have been with the brand for many many years. We discovered that The Malaysia Book Of Records was being run by people who were very passionate about helping others achieve the extraordinary, and the brand actually meant something to many Malaysians and Malaysian organisations. Inquiries were a daily affair with record attempt inquiries coming from individuals, SME�s, Government bodies to mega multinational corporations. It was very interesting for us as Inquiries ranged from the downright bizarre to the �omg that is amazing!� type of records that people wanted to set or break. With this came the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life. 

Listening to exciting conversations about how a company is rallying their staff together to create a record-breaking sized flag as a form of meaningful employee engagement activity, watching an individual push the limits of their human bodies, and feeling the energy of thousands of people in a marketing event as the brand announces its successful entry into the history books, made me realise that to many, The Malaysia Book Of Records was not just a certificate and a publication. To many, it served as an icon of the �Malaysia Boleh� spirit, a source of inspiration to achieve more, it invokes a sense of pride, and stands as a symbol of �I did it�.  


This sense of pride for the brand and for what it stands for started to grow on me and over the course of the year, we worked with what we have to do what we can to help hundreds of record-holders realise their dream of getting their extraordinary feats and achievements etched in the history books. It does feel good to see the joy on the faces of those whose record attempts go successfully well and to feel their sense of pride in achievement. Knowing that you played a role in helping someone or an organisation gain deserving recognition and exposure is a good feeling. 


Our next direction is to get this 25-year old heritage brand geared up to not only last for another 25-years, but more importantly like any brand, to change and transform fast enough to stay relevant. I invite all Malaysians to join us on this extraordinary journey.


Stay safe Malaysia! Jangan Ke Sini Ke Sana!  


Written By:  

Jwan Heah  


Marketing Solutions.

Date: 24th April 2020