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The Malaysia Book of Records (MBR) is a noble project of national interest that rallies to our country’s ‘Malaysia Boleh’ call and complements its efforts to instil the spirit of excellence. We believe that we also served as a catalyst for Malaysians to forge national unity amongst Malaysians, as well as to keep our ‘Jalur Gemilang’ flag flying high.

Through the support and promotion of record-breaking endeavours, including passion, determination, drive, will-power and endurance displayed by the achievers and records breakers, makes us at the Malaysia Book of Records a vital role in instilling the values of positivism and patriotism while significantly contributing towards the nation-building process. These strong traits should be embraced by all Malaysians, in perpetuating the ‘Malaysia Boleh’ spirit.

For instance, on September 15, 2017, Kolej Tunku Kursiah has made an entry into the Malaysia Book of Records through their success in producing the ‘Biggest Thumbprint Merdeka Banner’. A total of 180,000 thumbprints have been produced on the surface of the Jalur Gemilang banner which forms the pattern of the heart symbol and the backdrop of the banner. The record has been confirmed during the Independence Day Celebration Closing Ceremony of 2017. The 35.4 meters long and 31.1 meters width Kemerdekaan banner was created with the cooperation of 840 colleges comprising students, teachers, support staff, including parents and alumni fully using the fingerprinting capabilities of all involved took one week to complete. This project was held to express the patriotic spirit, in conjunction with the country’s 60th National Day celebration.

In addition, Malaysians are fundamentally capable of living and progressing in terms of harmony and unity. Unity in Malaysia requires all Malaysians to have an in-depth and objective understanding of how Malaysia was founded and what it takes to build a multi-racial, multi-religious and multi-cultural country based on justice and fairness. 

National unity can come in many forms, for example through racial diversity. A total of 1,008 people comprising villagers, Rukun Tetangga members, government servants, school teachers, non-governmental organisations (NGO), private sector staff, and members of the public made their way into the Malaysia Book of Records for the ‘Most Number of Participants In An ‘Ambuyat’ Making Event’. The record set on June 23, 2019, saw participants worked together to prepare the Kedayan Brunei local dish of ‘Ambuyat’, in conjunction with Labuan Unity Week. The event attracted more than a thousand people from all walks of life, to unite the multiracial people in Malaysia with zero racial tension and conflict.

Furthermore, the culture of open houses and celebrations is encouraged to help in building a nation. After rolling 152,542 tang yuan, 200 students of Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) helped put the campus in the Malaysia Book of Records for the ‘Most Number of ‘Tang Yuan’ Making in an Event’. The group spent four hours to secure their entry, in conjunction with Winter Solstice Carnival 2018. Most of the students who are from various races rolled tang yuan for the first time. The event aimed to spread Chinese culture to other races so that they know about this festival and the meaning of and why it is rolled during this festival. We believe that festive seasons bring a true message of unity and hope to all Malaysians. During festive seasons, all Malaysians can unite together and forget all differences that can lead to racial and religious conflicts.

Moreover, national unity can also be harnessed through education and learning. On October 26, 2019, a total of 1,001 hadrah players in Sarawak etched their names in the Malaysia Book of Records for the ‘Largest ‘Hadrah’ Performance’. The extraordinary feat was achieved not only to elevate Malay culture across the nation but also worldwide. It is also a good platform for not only Malays, but also other races to enjoy the culture. Malaysia Book of Records believes that this will inspire others, especially the youths in preserving the culture.

Building a united Malaysia with its people proud of its Malaysian identity is still a work in progress. Their efforts were at attestation that the ‘Malaysia Boleh’ spirit was alive and burning brightly while the Malaysia Book of Records fanning the flames throughout the country, firing up the younger generation’s enthusiasm and passion to transcend barrier and limits.

Therefore, with the country’s interest at heart, Malaysia Book of Records fervently believes a compendium featuring the feats and achievements accomplished by Malaysians should be the best example to show our national spirit. 

We believe that the Malaysia Book of Records blends well with the country’s agenda of propelling the nation as excellence is the key for any country to transform into a progressive and developed nation. 

Written by: 

Nurul Fatihah Mahmood