First Miss World Malaysia To Receive PHD

Dr Soo Wincci

31 Oct 2016

016-3141332 Soo Wincci /016-2112716 Ms Polly

First Miss World Malaysia To Receive PhD

Soo Wincci started her PhD in Business Administration journey back in year 2010. She wanted to contribute towards the entertainment industry; hence her topic of research is ?Celebrity Personal Branding Strategy on Social Media?. She even dedicated herself as one of the life experiments along her journey of research. Spending 6 years for research and faced loads of obstacles and failures along the journey but she did not give up as she believes that with strength determination and hard work, success will crown her efforts and she insisted to complete what she had started. Finally she sat for her final Viva on May 31, 2016. After final round of 3 hours of non-stop defend, she passed her viva. Proud to call this beauty with brain as Dr. Soo Wincci after her convocation on October 31, 2016.