Oldest Non - Governmental Enviromental Organisation

Dato Salleh Mohd Nor (Executive Chairman)

27 Dec 2018

The oldest non-governmental environmental organization in Malaysia is the Malaysian Nature Society or the MNS. It was founded in 1940 in Taiping. The Kuala Lumpur based society began with slightly over a hundred members. The Malaysian Nature Journal, the scientific periodical of the society, soon became a fixture at universities and research libraries in various parts of the world. In 1952 the Government asked the MNS to check on the welfare of some birds in the Lake gardens and with that began the tradition of close cooperation on projects that continues today.

Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) plays an active role in the appreciation and conservation of natural heritage. MNS is a membership-based organization, run by elected members on a voluntary, non-profit basis. Society members play an active, integral role in nature conservation activities. The society organizes slide shows, talks, hikes, camping trips and other wholesome family activities. The Kuala Selangor Nature Park, education programmes at the Forest Research Institute of Malaysia, Boh Tea Estate in Cameron Highland, Rimba Ilmu at Universiti Malaya and Endau-Rompin, Johor are also run by MNS.