Message of The Founder

In the blink of an eye, 19 years seems to have gone by just like that. But it has not been an uneventful decade-and-a-half. The country has been gripped in a record-breaking euphoria ever since the launch of the publication on 11th July 1995.

The Malaysia Book of Records has been dutifully inspiring and motivating others to exceed their own limitations despite the publication itself beset by challenges of its own, which it has managed to overcome.

The spillover effects of the Malaysia Book of Records imbuing the rakyat with the spirit to strive for excellence can be seen in the massive spike in record atempts and perpetual display of extraordinary strength and endurance. These ramifcations can also be attested by the number of Malaysians who have had made their mark on the world stage, earning the right to be called "Icons of Malaysia", to whom the latest MBR publication is paying tribute.

Highlighting the international successes of these Icons, who are the country's pride and honour, will set Malaysians on the right path to following in their footsteps, if not bettering their achievements.

In addition to promoting national integration, thereby accentuating the '1Malaysia: People First, Performance Now' concept, the Malaysia Book of Records has also played an instrumental role in creating and nurturing the values of positivism and patriotism while earnestly contributing to the nation-building process.

I want to express my heartiest congratulations to those listed in the Malaysia Book of Records, from the First Edition to the latest, 'Icons of Malaysia', for it is not only their achievements which have done the country proud, but all of them are also the heart and soul of the MBR publications.

First and foremost, I want to thank the Government for supporting our efforts, which has motivated the Malaysia
Book of Records to continue promoting and endorsing one record-breaking effort after another.

I also like to express my appreciation to the Cabinet Ministers and Chief Ministers/Menteris Besar for their valued messages and loyal support.

Like the country and its people, MBR has also evolved from a nascent publication honouring and recognising
achievements to a highly-respected, widely-known and well-established chronicle of milestones marking the
country's history.

In verifying and honouring the achievements made by Malaysians who have done the country proud, the Malaysia Book of Records hopes that these records and feats will also inspire and motivate you, your families and children to make a difference by aiming for the extraordinary and exceptional.

Moreover, this publication will not only enrich you with information and knowledge on the achievements and
accomplishments, but it will also be a source of continuous reading pleasure and enjoyment.

Happy reading!