What Projects MBR Do

Book Publication
The Malaysia Book of Records Publication is indeed the Country's Treasure Trove. From the 'First Edition' in 1998 to its latest edition, the Malaysia Book of Records had featured thousands of feats, achievements and accomplishments. Not only will the books provide endless hours of reading pleasure and enjoyment, it will instil the spirit of excellence among the readers.

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  • Malaysia Book Of Records 2014
  • Malaysia Book Of Records 2012
  • Malaysia Book Of Records 2010
  • Malaysia Book Of Records 2008
  • Malaysia Book Of Records 2006
  • Malaysia Book Of Records 2004
  • Malaysia Book Of Records 2002
  • Malaysia Book Of Records 2000
  • Malaysia Book Of Records 1998
TV Series
Records and achievements accomplished by Malaysians now have a bigger audience with the Malaysia Book Of Records turned into a TV Series. The Visuals accmpanying each episode will undoubtedly motivate the viewers into emulating, if not surpassing,the feats. The MBR TV Series makes for exciting, informative and entertaining viewing.

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Awards Night
Record-achievers congregating to share their records and feats with others is the main objective of the MBR Awards Night, also known as “Night of Achievers”. The event also marks the biggest gathering of record-holders in one venue. Not only will these achievers be recognised and honoured onstage, their records and feats will serve to inspire and motivate others to follow in their footsteps, if not outdoing them.

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Museum Of Achievers
A building to house the best of the country's achievers is in the pipeline. It will serve as a study centre, research facility and knowledge hub. Exhibits will include replicas, structures and models while there will be interactive and multimedia presentations. Bound to be a popular tourist attraction which is a must-visit destination in every visitor's itinerary.

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