Human Achievements

Longest Distance Motorcycle Ride by A Group

Biggest Handmade Dragon Collage

Largest Coffee Drinking Event

Largest Fruits & Plants Garden in Recycle Materials

Largest Maze Formation

Tallest Christmas Tree Replica

Most Number of Variety of Rock Melon Dishes

First ‘6 Pedalist’ Beverage Cart

Biggest Painting Assembled by Children

Most Number of Cicadas Specimen Collected In A Single Event

Most Number of Disabled Participants in A Scuba Diving Expedition

Most Number of Fruit Trees Planted in A Single Event

Largest Banner of Mind Maps

Largest Lion Dance ‘Eye-Dotting’ Event

Most Number Sape Player in Performance

Youngest Base Jumper

Biggest High Heel Shoe Replica

Largest Black Bamboo Planting Event (Gigantochloa Atroviolaceae Widjaja)

Biggest Logo Formation Using Exora Cars

Largest Simultaneous Participation in A Colouring Event

Biggest Train Arch Kite Tunnel